So, I was rereading The Quilter's Apprentice the other day and it gave me a yen to make something quilty, which I haven't done in quite a while.

(By the way, I enjoyed the book so much more than I did years ago, now that I actually am a quilter, and know what the ladies are talking about through half of it!)

I pulled out my books, and locked onto a quilt made of Dresden Plates, which I've always thought were cool - but looked hard.

Still, I thought...maybe ONE wouldn't be so bad to make (not the 20 or so needed for this massive bed covering)...

So, I dug through my scrap box, dusted off the sewing machine, and voila! Wall hanging to fill in the space left by my new entertainment corner in Sunnymeade (with, yes, a new flat screen tv!).

Whatcha think? I'm quite chuffed, myself!

My Dresden Plate...

My Dresden Plate!

Quilting detail...

Plate Detail

New wallhanging...

In Place

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I think this past weekend was what we all needed.

Dad, Michelle, Don and I, along with my godparents and their kids came down for a weekend of bonfires, food, tears, stories, hugs and laughs to celebrate my mum's amazing life and legacy.

An appropriate weekend, as today would have marked my parents 43rd wedding anniversary.

Though we cried and hugged, we also laughed and ate, stoked fires and teased each other, snorted inappropriately and roasted marshmallows, truly embracing our family - unconventional and geographically far at times, but able to get together for two days of shared smiles.

We miss you, Mum, so much it aches, but it was so good to remember you and your beautiful smile with all of us together.

Part of the "outdoor gallery" of favorite pictures of Mum...

Smiling Times

Hanging out by the fire...


Mesmerizing blaze...

October 18

Hugs and tears...

No Blacha!

Pink flowers for our pink lady...

Pretty in Pink...

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Time seems to keep slipping away from me, but I wanted to blog about my fabu weekend last weekend, when the parental units came down for three celebrations, one of which was Easter, featuring crayon artwork by yours truly! It was also Mum's birthday, and it was also her "cancer anniversary" - TEN years ago she was first diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

IBC has a life expectancy of about 18 months.

No words can adequately express how remarkable that is, and though she's back in chemo, Mum's as feisty and opinionated as ever was. ;-)

So what did we do during this gala celebration weekend?

Well, we...

Had lunch at Nagasaki, where they light things on fire for you.


We found me some porch furniture (yay Lowe's!), so that people will think someone lives in my house, rather than thinking its deserted, like the pizza delivery person did the other night...


We had lunch at the Tin Fish, which affords a 6th floor view of the Ohio River in Evansville. And has oysters on the half shell. ;-)

March 21


We explored nearby Newburgh, and marveled at the flood of the Ohio River. That dam represents where the river SHOULD be. Yikes.

(Yes, it was a tad windy on the outlook!)

Bit Windy

SOMEONE got a haircut for the first time in about five years (when you lose your hair through chemo so many times, you tend to become possessive of your hairs, they tell me. Having a pushy daughter, however, eventually works...)

March 22

I also hung oodles of things on my shiny new walls with the help of Dad's level and Mum's discerning eye.

Picture Man

The weekend was also filled with lots of foodie times (I made Easter dinner, steaks on the grill, etc), Easter baskets for the parentals, laying grass seed, switching shutters on the house, moving furniture around, spending too much money in Michael's, planting pansies, baking cookies, and wrestling with some computer cord management.

Le weekend? C'est parfait!

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My parents came down for an extended visit last week to avoid "cabin fever" and to bring me my newest acquisition: shelves for a grown-up!

For the last four years, I've had the most rickety, ugly teeny bookshelves in my house, hand-me-downs from four hundred years ago. Menard's was having a sale on new shelves, and they are so pretty!

Dad and I (well, mostly Dad) assembled the two units, got them in place and it took me only minutes to completely fill them with a part of my book collection!

New Shelves

We also rambled around New Harmony, drove through the back roads of Illinois, bought a new barbecue for my back porch, sat in the sunshine and did a little shopping (or in Dad's case, a LOT of shopping). What a lovely weekend!

(Pics are here of the whole weekend)