I know, I know.

It's been a stupidly long time since I blogged anything other than book reviews, NaNoWriMo and my trip to England, so let's catch up with each other, shall we?

What's Marissa been up to? Well...

We've continued to paint walls at the library, culminating in a quote above the circulation desk, painted by the lovely Hilary...

("A good book is the best of friends" - English Proverb)

Quote Wall

I turned into a giggling 14 year old girl when I went with the girls to see Twilight (which I totally loved, of course!)...

November 22

I got lovely flowers from Dad for Thanksgiving...

November 25

We got through our first Thanksgiving without Mum, by celebrating in TinyTown, and Michelle and I cooked!

The Feast

I've got my Christmas lights up on Sunnymeade for the first time...


I took my father BOWLING for the first time in about 50 years, he thinks...

November 28

We went for a "walk in the woods"...

Harmonie Walk

And you can come along too!

I saw my first Evansville Iceman hockey game (a new league formed this year)...

November 29

I watched the last of the leaves fall...

Leaves II

And I giggled when a piece of the library roof fell in too (but then I got kinda ticked off)...


So, what have you been up to? :-)

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Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year, but this time the Priddis clan shook it up a bit - Thanksgiving was at MY house.

I know, the rights of passage into adulthood just keep piling up.

(As an aside, can I just say I love it when people ask "How do you British celebrate Thanksgiving?" Now, stop and think about that for a sec. Yeah, exactly. But it always makes me laugh because someone ALWAYS asks.)

Anyhoo, the holiday went well with only a few minor hiccups (maple bacon instead of regular, a deplorable lack of a gravy boat), and of course, I documented the whole shebang...

I had my hair dyed red (really, really red):


I made that all by myself!

November 22

Dad rectified the hideous gravy boat blunder:

Gravy Boat Solution

Don and Michelle paid a surprise visit to TinyTown!

November 23

Dad bought pink roses for his "pink girls":

Dad's Roses

And I'm ready to rock the Christmas season:

November 24

I hope your Thanksgiving was equally super!