So, I was rereading The Quilter's Apprentice the other day and it gave me a yen to make something quilty, which I haven't done in quite a while.

(By the way, I enjoyed the book so much more than I did years ago, now that I actually am a quilter, and know what the ladies are talking about through half of it!)

I pulled out my books, and locked onto a quilt made of Dresden Plates, which I've always thought were cool - but looked hard.

Still, I thought...maybe ONE wouldn't be so bad to make (not the 20 or so needed for this massive bed covering)...

So, I dug through my scrap box, dusted off the sewing machine, and voila! Wall hanging to fill in the space left by my new entertainment corner in Sunnymeade (with, yes, a new flat screen tv!).

Whatcha think? I'm quite chuffed, myself!

My Dresden Plate...

My Dresden Plate!

Quilting detail...

Plate Detail

New wallhanging...

In Place

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I've been wanting to make a tee shirt quilt for AGES, and I finally got around to it!

I dug out the plastic garbage sack full of old, sentimental tee shirts left in the garage, and after reading various, conflicting instructions online, got to it!

Cutting into the first few shirts was actually REALLY hard...I mean, what if I messed it up? I'll NEVER get this shirt back! This is my HISTORY, here!

But then, after a while, I started cutting with reckless abandon - kind of empowering, actually. :-)

I backed all the shirts with fusible interfacing to keep them sturdy, and used a fuzzy flannel as the sashing and the back (solid black). I love how it turned out, but man it was a bitch to sew! Still, I'm really pleased!

If you've known me for a while (i.e. college or before) you probably recognize quite a selection of the shirts - and now I'll always have them as a good reminder, rather than rotting in an attic somewhere. What a cool project!

What do you think?

Tee Shirt Quilt


Now that Nat's finally had little Emma, I can finally show off the quilt I made for mummy and baby several months ago!

(front detail of the quilt)

I'd never worked with piecing triangles before, so it was a new (and exciting!) challenge, and I also hand stitched the.entire.quilt.

Every quilting stitch, done by yours truly.

I am most proud. :-)

Of course, it took me both seasons of Grey's Anatomy on DVD, but I did it!

Nat's Baby Quilt II
(back detail - you can really see the quilting design!)


Who says the Quiltin' Ladies are shy? ;-)

March 23

Since we didn't have a project in the works, we decided to go out to dinner and thumb through my quilt books in the hopes of finding inspiration. Now we all have a list of about 15 new quilts we want to make.

Yay for quilts and good friends!


I finished my blue and yellow quilt (started last weekend.

Pretty no? :-)


(It's got pretty eyelet and gorgeous fabrics from the Boonville quilt store)