March 7

Despite snowy conditions, two of my favorite people came to visit me in TinyTown last week - Denise and Carrie!

We've been friends for years, but can never seem to be in the same place at the same time until this last weekend. Our plan was to watch lots of telly, giggle and gossip, eat bad food, and generally escape the world.

We watched Casey Stoner go "absolutely flying", we learned how to cook like the Contessa, we snuggled in duvets, we ate a lot of pizza, we bowled a few frames, we drove down desolate Hoosier roads with a few snow drifts for excitement, we slept late, we watched some bull riding, we bought some shiny new Colts gear and dishy necklaces, and screamed when we saw The Chadster during the Atlanta NASCAR race.

We even managed to tour the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the snow - though we didn't get to kiss the bricks this time.

Glad you came for a visit, girls. Nice to have The Corrupted all in one place!

The house feels awfully empty now...

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Okay, so maybe NASCAR racing hasn't been keeping my attention as much as it used to, but these two commercials are enough reason to watch the broadcasts (even if it means putting up with though idiots in the "Hollywood Hotel". I swear that's what Dante was thinking of when he was writing about hell...).

*falls over laughing at the new ads*

I love it when they capitalize on the funny. :-)

First up...Jimmie (and Chad!) pimpin' for Kobalt tools...

And the new Kasey Kahne/Allstate one cracks me up...check the moves!! ;-)


Per annual tradition, I will be watching the NASCAR Banquet tonight with my girl De, commenting on every second of the glitzy (sometimes awkward) event. It's worth sitting through the commercials to see the guys in tuxes, hear the sometimes painful speeches, and see how cringe-worthy the production can make it.

I haven't been as dedicated a NASCAR fan this year for a bevy of reasons (much like most other "old fans" I know), but I'm still proud to have a 48 sticker on my car.

Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson, and especially Chad Knaus, for their second championship!

We're proud of you, guys!

(Fine lookin' boys, no?)


This makes me snort with laughter every time.

Even if you aren't a NASCAR fan, I still think it's supercute. Gotta love us some Elliott. :-)