A few random thoughts for the day...

  • I am extremely disturbed by that chick in the Palm Pre commercials. Those commercials just creep me out. I don't know why. *shudder*

  • Just finished watching Torchwood: Children of Earth. And I AM.NOT.HAPPY. How could you do that to me? *wails*

  • For the first time in my life, I have been certified in adult CPR. I feel all superhero-y now. :-)

  • Why does my dog have to go through the bratty adolescent phase NOW?

  • MotoGP in a few weeks! No one at work seems to understand...until I explain about hot boys in hot leathers. ;-)
That is all. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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Last weekend, we battled the remnants of Hurricane Ike to spend three days at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

MotoGP has finally come to town. :-)

My bro-in-law is a big motorcycle fan, and over the last several years, I have morphed from a devout NASCAR girl to a bigger and bigger fan of international motorcycle racing, particularly cheering for Nicky Hayden, who is from just down the road (Owensboro, Kentucky).

It was so amazing to see the riders on the track at IMS, even if we did have to sport sexy ponchos for a few days. ;-)

It was SO much fun, and we even wore our Relay for Life shirts to the track on Friday, knowing that Mum would have enjoyed our trip as much as we did. She was quite the GP fan herself, after all...

What an awesome experience! I can't wait for next year!

The poncho crowd:

Rockin' the stylish gear, waiting for the race:

Nicky Hayden in the turn right in front of us (love the Colts helmet!):

Standing on the "Yard of Bricks", proud in our shirts:

Yard of Bricks II

Despite the rain, we had GREAT seats, and an occasional view of the Indy skyline:


I only wish pictures could accurately depict the 70 mile an hour gusts we experienced from the top of the grandstand as they finally red flagged the race...

Good times. :-)

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In what is rapidly becoming tradition, I spent a holiday Sunday at Putnam Park Race Course, just west of Indianapolis.


To watch 60 or so riders take their motorcycles around the track all day.

Really, really fast.

That whole "blow down the straightaway at 150mph, touch your knee to the ground in the corners" kind of fast.

This is one of my favorite days every year. :-)

Luckily, this year no one broke themselves (yay!), the bro-in-law kicked some speeding motorcycle ass (yay!), and I got to spend all day borrowing their shiny new SLR camera, and going a wee bit snap happy (yayayay!).

(God, I'm jealous. I lurve this camera, and want one so bad...)

In any case, the weather was perfect, the company entertaining, the riding spectacular, the views good, and the pictures hopefully captured it all. Below are just a few of my fave snapped shots for the day - except that last one. Michelle took it, with instructions to "work it like Tyra!"

I giggled a lot during that little session.

Good times, good times. When's the next track day?

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

And of course, we had to have a little live action of Don hitting speed on the straightaway. It's surprisingly tough to keep the camera up with the zippy motorcycle. ;-)

(He's the second rider...)

And a random musing, while I'm at it...why is there no MotoGP fanfic? There is fanfic for everything in the known universe, but no MotoGP. Mayhaps I will have to be a trailblazer someday...

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HaydenI blame my brother-in-law.

From the first motorcycle ride he took me on when I was just a kid to going to Putnam Park (despite disastrous results at times) for track day, I've become increasingly interested in motorcycle racing.

And his devotion to MotoGP has totally rubbed off on me.

For a combination of factors (which most other faithful fans seem to be echoing of late), NASCAR has failed to hold my attention for the last season or two (but that's a different rant), whereas MotoGP has slowly been taking over my Sunday afternoon racing attention.

These guys, seriously, are nuts.

Whipping around tracks and going through chicanes at 45 degree angles with only a bit of leather and a hockey puck on their knee? Nuts.

(See what Nicky Hayden is doing in that picture? Yeah. That. All the time. Every race. With like an inch of tire rubber on the ground every time. Yeah.)

But man, fun to watch.

I've got my guys that I'm cheering for (Nicky Hayden - from just south of TinyTown in Kentucky, Randy de Puniet - for looking damn hot with no shirt on, and James Toseland - like me this year, he's a rookie to MotoGP and is from the UK), and I'm watching each race with growing interest as I learn the teams, the riders and the ins and outs of the sport.

Needless to say, I'm superstoked about going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this September for the first inaugural MotoGP race at the track - that's going to be a helluva weekend.

Stay tuned... ;-)

My one other fave part of MotoGP? The commentators. They get SO EXCITED about everything, and they are all foreigners. Awesome.

"Casey Stoner is absolutely flying!"

Hee. ;-)

Best MotoGP vid I've seen...possibly ever.

Of course, if you wanna see some truly hellacious wrecks, just search YouTube for MotoGP and wreck...you'll be horrified...and then amazed that these guys just get up and walk away...

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