Well, Dad and I are back from our un-Christmas in Vegas, complete with pictures and memories of holidays in the very big, very weird city. ;-)

We had a touch of trouble actually GETTING to Vegas, since we were due to fly through Chicago *ahem*. Instead we did what Dad dubbed a "circular tour of the United States" by flying from Evansville to Memphis, Memphis to Dallas, and Dallas to Vegas.

But hey, we got there!

So what did we do while we were there?

Gawked at the Chihuly ceiling and Conservatory in our hotel, the Bellagio...

Chiluly Ceiling

Bellagio Conservatory

We rambled through enormous hotels like the MGM Grand, New York, Paris, and our favorite, the Venetian...

Our Turn

We ate a spectacular Christmas dinner at Sensi, complete with a glassed view of the kitchen. It was like sitting in Kitchen Stadium on Iron Chef!

Christmas Dinner

We ate crepes poolside, because, well, we could. ;-)


We marveled at the Bellagio fountain shows - once we caught them!


We watched dolphins frolic and big cats (leopards, lions and tigers) eye us warily...

Lookie There!

We watched the Sirens show at TI, and the volcano erupt at the Mirage...

Volcano VI

We also wandered through malls, ate delicious food, watched the Mystere Cirque du Soleil show, and generally walked our legs off every day. But for me, the highlight of the trip?

Taking a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon.

Not only was it spectacular, but I totally want to learn how to fly a helicopter now. So. Much. Fun. What an memorable trip...

Let's go!


The Strip from the air...

Amazing View

Lake Mead...

Lake Mead

Hoover Dam...

Hoover Dam III

And the Grand Canyon itself...

Colorado River II

Veering Off

We're Here!


What a great un-Christmas trip! Wanna see the whole trip set? Check it out on Flickr (warning: there are a lot of pictures of drool-worthy food, mostly taken for Don to gawk at!)...

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So, because this is the first Christmas without Mum, we're all doing things a bit differently this year.

Dad and I talked about it, and after discovering Don and Michelle were planning a trip, we decided maybe we should get away as well, spend Christmas somewhere completely distracting.

We made reservations, we found the perfect hotel, and we're jetting out on Christmas Eve, heading home on December 28.

Where else can you forget your sorrows of the season?

Vegas, baby.

las vegas

A room at the Bellagio, some gambling, some food, some sightseeing, and I think we'll get through the holiday after all. Expect lots of pictures and touristy gushing when I return!

But until then, I want to wish each and every one of you a happy, precious, fun-filled, safe, lovely and warm Christmas. You have all certainly made this holiday brighter for me with your comments, emails and warm wishes.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays!

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