Books-A-Minute makes me laugh.

"Condensing your childhood favorites and random classics into bite-sized, sure-to-be-a-thesis pieces. "

And funny.


(This is the Collected Works of Jane Austen):

Female Lead

I secretly love Male Lead. He must never know.

Male Lead

I secretly love Female Lead. She must never know.


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I received an email recently about a campaign called Books for Darfur Refugees.

While I don't usually post things like this, I thought it was worthwhile, especially with the holiday spirit and New Year's resolutions surrounding so many of us.

If you are interested in checking this out, the website is

From their site:

Here's how it works: we want you to count the books you received as presents this year and donate $1 per book. You can choose how the money is spent and read more details...

Sounds pretty easy, no?

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