Well, I'm back from ALA Annual in Anaheim, and except for the travel part, it was a good conference, and a good place to have some fun, too!

I had a nice room in the conference hotel:


I heard Sally Ride speak, met Jay Asher and Kaya McLaren, I did NMRT things, and I picked up schwag at the exhibits:

Time for Exhibits

I also dipped my toes in the Pacific:

And a Few More!

Got an In-N-Out burger:

In N Out!

And of course, went to Disneyland! We had perfect timing, and only waited a few minutes for each ride! Wonderful! The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Pirates...good times...

Another View...

I even got some Pirate Mickey Mouse ears. Hee. :-)

July 1

The only bad part of the trip was getting home...LAX had a bomb scare, my plane took off late, storms further delayed us in the air, and the whole trip culminated in my sleeping on the floor of the Detroit Airport for an entire night until I could take two more flights to finally get home. I missed my home. And my BED after that experience!

Still, 'twas a good trip:

All Together!

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I've been back from ALA Midwinter in Philly for a few days now, and have finally gotten around to uploading a few photos and getting things in order during this long weekend.

I didn't feel this Midwinter was as productive for me as last year in Seattle, but it was still a good experience!

Among other things, I:

Sat on the tarmac in Detroit for a looooong time, was a scheduler for the Resume Review booth, toured the exhibits, attended NMRT events, snapped photos, took a tour of Philadelphia, watched the Packers win (thankfully, I was in a meeting for the Colts game, though the entire Hampton Inn heard my dismay when I got back and got the final score), ate cheesesteak, had lunch with our architect and more. Good times!

A few photos, methinks...



Meeting Josh Kilmer-Purcell *swoon* the author of the great memoir I Am Not Myself These Days...

Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Working the Resume Review Service area...

January 13

And, of course, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in the background...

January 14

Sadly, I didn't have a chance to run (well, stroll) up the Rocky steps, though I took a picture of someone else doing it!

Runner on the Steps!

Turns out, TinyTown got more snow that Philly did - figure that!

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Liberty-Bell2-R.Kennedy_UI'm off to ALA's Midwinter conference early Friday morning.

(Philadelphia. In JANUARY. Pinch me.)

The blog will be on mini-break until I return, probably with a picture or two. ;-)

Have a good weekend!


US Capitol

I'm finally packed and ready to go!

Today we head out for Washington DC for the American Library Association Annual Conference!

Basically, four or five days of sessions, exhibit halls, snagging galley proofs and free schwag, catching up with colleagues, author talks, and a lot more!

This also marks my "official" takeover as committee chair and editor of Footnotes, the NMRT publication, which should be a rock and roll ride for the next twelve months.

I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share (and galleys to taunt with!) when I return. Have a great week, y'all!