Here's my review from Crucial Pop about Lisa Scottoline's Look Again...


Last week was the American Library Association meeting in Chicago.

Picture, if you will, 30,000 librarians, thousands of vendors, the city of Chicago and more sessions, books, products and walking than you can shake a stick at…

And that still doesn't give you the scope of this annual conference.

I lugged home oodles of books, galleys and information from various vendors, and also had the pleasure of meeting several authors - but one of the highlights for me was meeting bestselling author Lisa Scottoline – a firecracker of a speaker and an effusive personality.

Scottoline gave an author talk, then spent ages autographing books and chatting with librarians, and was as complimentary of our profession as we were of hers.

Scottoline was also signing and giving away her most recent novel, Look Again, a stand-alone novel just released in April.

Journalist and working mother Ellen Gleeson is casually checking her mail one day when a simple white card jumps out at her: one of those "have you seen me?" cards featuring kidnapped children with age progressed photos to help find missing children.

And the child on the card looks exactly like her adopted son, Will.

Two years ago, while investigating a story for the newspaper where she works, Ellen fell in love with Will, a child in the hospital with a heart problem who was put up for adoption by his young, unwed mother. She legally adopted him, and they have been happy together ever since. But the more she ruminates on that card, the more the questions start to pop up in her mind, making her wonder about Will’s true past. As any investigative journalist would, Ellen begins to look further into Will's history...and uncovers secrets she never wanted to find.

This is a tightly written, fast-paced story, filled with Scottoline's trademark wit and vivacity, and once again set in Philadelphia (as are all her novels). Ellen is a likable protagonist, and the short chapters pull you further and further into the story, each one ending and forcing you to read!

Scottoline has also written a series of novels revolving around Rosato & Associates, an all-female law firm in Philly, as well as several stand-alone novels, all of which feature strong female protagonists, snappy dialogue and fast paced action. Likewise, if you enjoy listening to audiobooks, you cannot do better than Scottoline’s novels, narrated by the incomparable Barbara Rosenblat (who has been likened to audiobooks the way Meryl Streep is to film).

Thanks for the author talk, the free novel, the autograph, and the hug, Lisa. You’re a rock star!