The Divorce Party by Laura Dave

I'd not personally heard of divorce parties until this book (must not be a Midwestern thing!), but it sounded like an intriguing premise for a book...

The marriage of Gwyn and Thomas - rich, accomplished residents of Montauk - is dissolving, and rather than ending in bitterness, they are throwing a "divorce party" to celebrate the thirty-five years they were together before moving apart, planning a lavish event with all their friends and family to end things on a good note, rather than a negative one.

Running parallel to Gwyn's story is that of Maggie, her soon to be daughter-in-law, who is engaged to Gwyn's son Nate. But as Maggie is due to arrive in Montauk, she is blindsided by secrets that Nate has kept from her...

Told in alternating chapters from Gwyn and Maggie's points of view, this is actually a story full of depth and emotion, at times funny and at times sad, all tied into one memorable day in Montauk, but set into motion decades before.

From the cover, this may look like a typical chick lit title, but it truly is full of heart, depth, and tells a great story. Gwyn and Maggie are great and well developed protagonists, and the whole story was well written, engaging and easy to read.

Highly recommended!