Testing Haskell by J. Suzanne Sanders

When I got a delightful email from Judy which included the words: "Would you be interested in reading the story of a broken-hearted Mississippi girl who did the right thing for a stranger's dog no matter what it cost her??", of course I said yes. Anyone willing to take a stab at self-publishing and at writing funny fiction gets a thumbs up in my book.

And so does her novel.

Testing Haskell is just snortingly funny - Haskell, our heroine, has just dumped her man, is stuck in the same small town as him, lives in a run down apartment, and doesn't have much going for her - until a truck wreck, an enormous dog and a pair of fetching eyes turns her life upside down. What follows is a funny romp through small town Mississippi, a few cat-and-mouse chases, some law enforcement eluding, a lot of trash bags, a creepy character with murder on the mind, and of course, a kickass dog. :-)

This is a great Southern read - fast and witty, well-plotted, and with a happy ending. Way to go, Judy!


(Judy can be found on the web at : http://judysanders.org/