Royal Blood by Rona Sharon

When I was offered a copy of this title, I jumped on it - as you probably know, I'm a sucker for anything set in the Tudor period, and this sounded like an interesting twist on King Henry VIII's always entertaining court...and how!

Michael Devereaux has traveled from Ireland to take part in King Henry's annual Order of the Garter celebration, having recently recovered from an illness and carrying a heavy burden of fitting in to a court he knows nothing about. Once there, he is quickly plunged into a spinning web of treachery, murder, mystery...and is quickly captivated by Princess Renee of France, a fiery and savvy court-goer with a devious plan of her own...

But when murder and mayhem take over the court, Michael and Renee must join forces - in more ways than one - to solve them.

There are two interesting things to note about this title - it's billed as historical fiction, but does have elements of the paranormal, which I found totally intriguing (to avoid spoilers, do NOT read any Amazon reviews! I did and was bitterly disappointed). Also, this title is written in true period literature - the way folks spoke in the 1500s, which took some getting used to, but eventually flowed (you know, like how Shakespeare takes a few minutes to "click"), but I did learn lots of historically accurate words and phrases.

This isn't a book I could read quickly - I had to take my time, and try to follow all the twists and turns, which Sharon writes with aplomb. She also writes some pretty smokin' love scenes, and does eventually give the reader a happy ending. I've read several Tudor historicals, and found this one to be one of the most unique, and certainly the most creative - and gives another glimpse into Henry VIII's courtly intrigues.

Recommended for fans of historicals and twisty paranormals!