Ransom My Heart by Mia Thermopolis with a little help from Meg Cabot

This novel was written by "Princess Mia", the main character of Cabot's wildly popular "Princess Diaries" series, and is being written by Mia in the final book of that series, so of course, I was eager to read the full length novel when it came out (interestingly, though the "Princess Diaries" books are for young adults, this novel was definitely an adult collection book).

Taking place in England in the time of Robin Hood and the Crusades, a dashing knight returning home from the Crusades is waylaid by an adventurous young woman who needs him for ransom to help out her sister. Naturally, mayhem and romance ensue. :-)

I liked reading of a time period I've not read before, and found the writing engaging and quick, the story a fun romp with lots of tension, action and of course, luuuuurve. :-)

A fun read!