The Likeness by Tana French

Last year, I had the good fortune to receive a copy from a publisher French's first mystery, In the Woods.

I was blown away by it.

And in a testament to how good it was, I actually BOUGHT French's followup title, The Likeness.

Librarians rarely buy, and I really rarely buy unless I've read it before and adored it!

And yet, this title did not disappoint.

Cassie Maddox, one of the detectives from the previous novel, is back, having left the Murder Squad in Ireland when a bizarre case pulls her back into the fray. A woman has been found dead - using one of Cassie's old aliases from her undercover days, and looking EXACTLY LIKE HER.

This kicks off a twisty-turny, bizarre, exquisitely written mystery, spanning hundreds of pages but leaving you wanting to read more, more, MORE! French has such a command of language, amazing characterization, and a true skill for weaving a story and leaving the reader guessing. I absolutely loved the premise, and couldn't wait to find out the resolution - though it was not quite what I expected.

French is a FANTASTIC mystery writer - you've GOT to check her out! Soooo recommended!