Too Far From Home by Chris Jones

Yup, my space dorkdom rears it's ugly head again. :-)

This non-fiction piece focuses primarily on the plight of astronauts Ken Bowersox (Bedford, Indiana, represent!), Don Pettit, and Nikolai Budarin who, after the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003, were stranded aboard the International Space Station for longer than was intended.

This work perfectly weaves the story of these three men along telling about the Columbia tragedy, while also throwing in a fair bit of history of the American and Russian space programs.

I found this to be a fascinating glimpse into the daily workings of the ISS, as well as the workings to keep man in space, and how to bring him safely home again. This isn't necessarily filled with technical jargon, but is written in "person speak", telling an interesting story while not talking down to the reader.

I didn't know much about the ISS or its history before reading this, but now I'm even more fascinated by our continual presence in the skies...