Envy by Anna Godbersen

There are several of us at the library who are first in line when a new book in "The Luxe" series comes out, and this one was no different.

(Isn't that newest dress on the cover to die for?!)

This YA series is set in 1899, and follows the lives of several privileged teens in New York City, complete with scandal, treachery, romance, family drama and a fair bit of gossip and backstabbing. This time, though, we have a change of scenery, as the gang moves to Florida for a few weeks of R&R...

(romance and retribution, methinks)

This one had another few jaw-dropping revelations, and I hope the final book in the series (Splendor, due out in October) will tie a few things up, in a good way, because this one was a bit of a wrencher...

This is a GREAT series for teens and adults alike! Recommended!