Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann

I always make sure I'm first in line at the library when a new "Troubleshooters, Inc." novel comes out from Brockmann, and this one did not disappoint!

Picking up about 24 hours where the last novel left off, this novel continues the story arc for three of our dudes: Nash, Decker, and Dave.

Let's just say, diehard fans are up in arms with who ended up with who (no spoilers!), but I still thought it was an enjoyable, escapist, nail-biting, fast moving, sexy, action-filled romp of a ride!

I most enjoyed the arc following Deck, who's just an oddball character, and honestly, could have done without Dave altogether, but that's for debate with other Brockmann fans...

In any case, I can't recommend this series enough - Brockmann really does a masterful job of combining action and suspenseful adventure with lots of simmering lust and sexy scenes. And of course, lots of our favorite Troubleshooters make appearances in the books...

And when is Lopez gonna get HIS story?

Highly recommended!