The Silent Man by Alex Berenson

I wasn't familiar with Berenson's previous works, but when I was offered an advanced copy of his newest and read the blurb, I was intrigued!

John Wells, a recurring character, is a CIA spook with a chip on his shoulder and a soft spot for his girl, Jennifer Exley. When Exley is injured in what was clearly an attack designed to kill them both, he takes off on the trail after his assailants, traveling from Russia to Zurich to DC and back again...

Meanwhile, Berenson is weaving a complex tale of two nuclear devices stolen from a Russian facility and smuggled overseas, where several Arab extremists plan to blow up DC during the State of the Union. It becomes a sprint against time, technology and men from different sides racing to the exciting conclusion.

This is a truly well-narrated, well-developed plot, filled with frightening realistic detail, complex characters, and a suspenseful plot. I really couldn't put this story down, and I can fully believe why Berenson won last year's Edgar Award with his first John Wells novel, The Faithful Spy.

This title will be released on February 10 - don't miss it!