The Lady Chosen by Stephanie Laurens

This is the first "official" book of the Regency-era series The Bastion Club, though I recently read the prequel, Captain Jack's Woman, which I enjoyed.

In this novel, the Bastion Club is formed (seven men of title and rank who decide that they will band together to determine their own futures in marriage, rather than being forced or dictated to by rank or family), and first out of the gate to find his wife is Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, who becomes enamored with his next door neighbor, Leonora Carling. Throw in a bad man, a new home for the Bastion Club, and some twisty plots, and you've got the basis for a great new Regency series.

I didn't find the sexual tension as compelling in this novel (as in the previous) and at times found the characters a bit wooden and predictable, though overall I enjoyed the read. I was disappointed, however, not to have the rest of the club members involved more - I trust they will surface more as the series progresses.

Recommended, as the beginning of a promising series...