Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham

I found the link to Holly's Inbox ages ago on Trashionista, and while I tried to read a bit of it, I know myself well enough to know I'll rarely sit at my computer for ages and ages, just reading, but end up going to other sites, getting distracted, whatever. So, when in Hay earlier this fall, I was thrilled to find a paperback version of the book, and eagerly bought it (along with a few others in town, natch!).

Holly Denham is a receptionist in a posh bank in London, and this novel details her bumpy work life, her romantic foibles, and the friends and family who surround her. Uniquely, this is told entirely in emails (hence the website layout), and only occasionally switches to the inbox of someone else. I really liked the progress and pace of the story, and found it hilarious, and didn't see some of the secrets until the end.

Highly recommended if you enjoy chicklit and epistolary novels of the dishy variety - of which I love both!

(By the way, Holly Denham, the lead character, is listed as the author, but interestingly, it was written by first-time author, and MAN William Surie. Never woulda guessed it was penned by a man...)