The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton

With a cover like that, who could resist?

Shreve Stockton, of Vespa Vagabond fame, discovered during her cross country journey that her heart was captured by Wyoming. She moves to a tiny town with no job, no plan, and no real plot for her life. She secures a job, and then falls for Mike, a rancher who also hunts and kills coyotes on behalf of the government. She moves into a ramshackle cabin, and one day, Mike gives her a coyote cub he was compelled to let live.

What follows is the story of Shreve's journey to raise Charlie, the cub, and how their relationship matures, changes and eventually stabilizes.

This is one of those "living vicariously through someone else" stories. I absolutely adored the "pioneer spirit" of it, while being simultaneously jealous of Shreve's luck and lifestyle, while at the same time knowing I could never thrive in the same way, much less survive.

But oh, how jealous I am of her photography skills!

This was one of those reads I loved to curl up with, losing myself in the images of Wyoming, of a growing Charlie (documented in photos scattered throughout the book), and I found myself missing it when I was through. Thank goodness for the blog!

Highly, highly recommended...a lovely read...