The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller

This is absolutely a character-driven novel, full of quiet contemplation and important moments, but no true action or excitement, which somehow heightens the suspense of it.

Meri and Nathan have just moved in next door to Delia, the wife of Senator Tom Naughton, whom she has not lived with for years, but is not divorced from. Delia is in her 70s, Meri in her 30s, but they form a friendship, and this novel switches back and forth from their points of view, and from different points in time, to weave together this story, which is beautifully written and engaging. You watch how Meri evolves, as well as how Delia has changed throughout her life, until one moment culminates in the finale of the book.

I really enjoyed this read, and came to see Meri and Delia as friends, rather than characters, as the reader is taken into the inner lives of these women, with all their foibles and complexities.


Note: I listened to the audio version, beautifully narrated by Blair Brown. Have the story told to me, rather than reading it, made the characters come even more alive for me.