Going Home by Harriet Evans

This was another one of those "ooh! cute cover!" pick ups from the shelf (not to mention a blurb from Sophie Kinsella), but I ended up really enjoying this story, which actually partially takes place at Christmas!

Lizzy Walter is going home from London to spend Christmas with her dysfunctional but loving family and friends, only to have a bomb dropped that their beloved old country manor home is to be sold - and that her ex-boyfriend has suddenly resurfaced from New York City, where he has been living.

The next few months involve trying to save the home, dealing with her friends and family's foibles, reconciling the boys in her life, and helping to plan her aunt's wedding. While at times the outlook is bleak, this is ultimately a story with a happy ending.

This is an imminently readable, fun story full of great characters and great relationships, none more poignantly examined than the bonds of family (and friends that are family too). I really enjoyed this read!