The English American by Alison Larkin

Could there be a more appropriate book for me? :-)

Pippa Dunn was given up for adoption by her American birth parents, and adopted by a British family, where she has been born and raised, reading Malory Towers, eating Marmite on toast and knowing how to brew a cup of tea.

And yet, she finds herself yearning to know about her birth family, and makes a drastic move to America where she is reunited with both her mother and father, who give her insight into some of her quirks and traits - and some she'd rather not see.

This is an engaging, well-written novel about a young woman struggling not only with her heritage, but her identity, her trust in others, and in finding her place in the world, both professionally and romantically. I really enjoyed Pippa as a protagonist, as well as the asides and throw-ins that we "British Americans" we know.


(And isn't that great cover - the front is great too!)