Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

I have been eagerly awaiting this title by Secret Sister Johnson, and finally got a hold of the library copy, which I devoured in only a day.

Scarlett's family owns an aging hotel in New York City, and on her fifteenth birthday, Scarlett receives a suite of her own to care for - and a new customer to inhabit it.

What follows is a smart, thoughtful read about Scarlett's summer of her first crush, growing up, dealing with her family and their drama (including her older Brother Spencer, my hands down favorite character), a production of Hamlet, deceptions both big and small, and a truly great red lipstick.

This YA novel is full of great supporting characters, but Scarlett is a great guide through this sticky New York summer, and I loved the way the ending tumbled and bumbled to the end - a happy end, I think.

Highly, highly recommended!