No One You Know by Michelle Richmond

I don't really know how to give this book a synopsis, but I'll give it my best shot...

Twenty years ago, Ellie Enderlin's brilliant mathematician sister Lila was found murdered in the woods, and a man Ellie trusted wrote an expose book about the murder, pointing the finger at a colleague of Lila's. Ellie, feeling betrayed, closed that chapter of her life, and has led an aimless existence since then (working as a coffee taster) until one day, she meets the man accused of the crime.

This is a slow burn novel - lots of character development and evocative prose. This is tremendously well written, and didn't end the way I expected. I was left guessing whodunit, as well as how Ellie would deal with it.

This is a fantastic fiction work, much more "literary" than contemporary. Highly recommended!