The Messenger by Daniel Silva

Because I so enjoyed Silva's recent Moscow Rules when I saw this audiobook on the shelf, I thought I'd give it a try.

Though at first there are a lot of characters to keep track of, once this story gets going, it doesn't let up for a minute until the conclusion. In the wake of a suicide bombing in the heart of the Vatican, Gabriel Allon (Israeli spy and all-around badass) assembles a group to infiltrate the "money" behind the crime, and to do that, they need to recruit an American woman who can toe the line between crime and spy...but can she pull it off convincingly?

This is another action-packed, multi-continent, speedy tale of deception and life and death, complete with a great cast of characters, led by the always engaging Allon. I really enjoyed this novel, and found myself popping in disc after disc to see just what would happen next...

Highly recommended, particularly if you enjoyed other Gabriel Allon tales!

Note: I listened to the audio edited, well narrated by Christopher Lane, who had to flip between Israeli, American, Saudi, Italian accents, and a few more, and did a fine job at it!