Man of the House by Ad Hudler

This novel is a sequel to Househusband (which I haven't read), but reads so that one doesn't feel they "missed out" by not having read the first novel. Linc Menner is the "househusband" to wife Jo and daughter Violet, who just turned 13. He cooks like a maniac, cleans like a banshee, and has a variety of hobbies - most of which are putting him in touch with his more feminine side.

This novel (told from four points of view) tracks Linc's escalated masculinity as he battles with contractors, Mother Nature (an impending hurricane), the gym, his family, and his entire sense of self. This novel shows great evolution of not only Linc, but the peripheral characters as well, and how they all bounce against one another.

There are definitely some funny moments in this book, but it's full of tender ones as well as Linc tries to find where he best straddles the line between househusband and "manly man".