I have been unable, until now, to make this post.

And even now, it's hard beyond words to write.

The most courageous woman I have ever known died peacefully, with her family by her side, on September 3rd.

My beautiful, charming, exuberant, fighting spirit, full of laughter, bad ass cook, Project Runway-lovin', English accent talking, amazingly inspiring mother finally lost her battle to breast cancer.

Words will never express how much I miss her, the ache in my heart that will never be fixed, the tears that I shed at the smallest thought of her smile, her voice, her laughter.

In ten years, she never stopped fighting, inspiring others, or living full of joy.

I miss you, Mummy.

Candles lit in her memory...

(We have asked for donations in her memory to be made to the American Cancer Society, and I urge all women to do a self check exam, to get a mammogram, to watch for early warning signs. It may save your life...)

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