Last weekend, we battled the remnants of Hurricane Ike to spend three days at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

MotoGP has finally come to town. :-)

My bro-in-law is a big motorcycle fan, and over the last several years, I have morphed from a devout NASCAR girl to a bigger and bigger fan of international motorcycle racing, particularly cheering for Nicky Hayden, who is from just down the road (Owensboro, Kentucky).

It was so amazing to see the riders on the track at IMS, even if we did have to sport sexy ponchos for a few days. ;-)

It was SO much fun, and we even wore our Relay for Life shirts to the track on Friday, knowing that Mum would have enjoyed our trip as much as we did. She was quite the GP fan herself, after all...

What an awesome experience! I can't wait for next year!

The poncho crowd:

Rockin' the stylish gear, waiting for the race:

Nicky Hayden in the turn right in front of us (love the Colts helmet!):

Standing on the "Yard of Bricks", proud in our shirts:

Yard of Bricks II

Despite the rain, we had GREAT seats, and an occasional view of the Indy skyline:


I only wish pictures could accurately depict the 70 mile an hour gusts we experienced from the top of the grandstand as they finally red flagged the race...

Good times. :-)

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