Prey by Lurlene McDaniel

In a bit to return to normalcy, I thought it was time to blog the books I've managed to read over the last few weeks...

This short YA novel was recommended to me by our Bookmobile lady, and I admit, I haven't read a McDaniel novel since *I* was a teen - I loved all the morbid, sad, weepy books she used to write!

This is a very different novel - instead McDaniel is echoing past news articles of the much older, predatory (female) teacher seducing a high school student, and the fallout from their relationship.

Like our Bookmobile lady, I thought it was an easy read, written in "teen speak", but I did question parts of the ending, the message McDaniel was trying to convey. I think this is appropriate for older teens, but there is some language that younger readers may be shocked by - or their parents. ;-)

Glad I read it, though...