The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

I was eager to read this YA novel, the sequel to Dairy Queen, which I so enjoyed listening to. While this one was not audio, it was still a great follow-up to the first novel, though with a slightly more serious tone.

DJ and Brian have continued their cautious friendship, and DJ is happy to be playing football for Red Bend High School when a series of events turn her world upside down, and not for the better. Between Amber, her mother, her brother, her own body and Brian, DJ suddenly has a plateful of worries, and discovers she a lot stronger than she thought as she deals with each problem, one at a time.

This is a great read, though heartbreaking at times. DJ is just such a likable, dynamic character, and can't help but root for her on every page. She really is like a little sister or friend that you have true affection for.

I hope this isn't the last of DJ Schwenk, but if it is, it was a good ending...

Highly recommend both this and Dairy Queen...