Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock

I loved this book.

Loved, LOVED this book!

DJ is just your typical farm girl in Wisconsin, except that she's really NOT typical - at 15, she is running her family farm and trying to stay afloat in school when suddenly Brian Nelson shows up on the farm, being made to help out for the summer in order to stay on the football team.

The duo begin a cautious friendship, and begin football training together, all while baling hay, writing English papers and trying to find their places in a football-crazy county.

This is just such a sweet, lovely YA novel - sarcastic, cute, endearing, and full of good vibes...work hard, train hard, love what you do, love who you love.

I've already checked out the follow-up, The Off Season, and I can't wait to read more about DJ, who already feels like a friend or a little sister. So, so recommended!

Note: I listened to the audio edition, narrated by Natalie Moore, who did an AMAZING job sounding like a sarcastic 15 year old, complete with the Wisconsin accent and just the right pace and voice. I think the narration made me love the story even more!