Captain Jack's Woman by Stephanie Laurens

Because I went home in such a rush, I only took one book with me, so I had to raid Dad's reserves for something to read after I finished Austenland and he recommended this read, the beginning of "The Bastion Club" series by Laurens (a series of novels set in the Regency Era of England), though this is actually a prequel.

Young Kit Cranmer is stifled in her role as a young, proper woman and takes to dressing as a boy and riding the wilds of Norfolk at night, helping a band of smugglers along the coast. So what happens when she meets a rival leader, who happens to be a dashing smuggler himself? Fireworks!

This is a well-written, steamy, at times hilarious novel - definitely not your mom's Pride and Prejudice. Kit and Jack are a great couple, and leap off the page! I've already snagged the next novel in the series from Dad - stay tuned!