Paper Towns by John Green

I actually read this new YA novel from superstar Nerdfighter Green several weeks ago, after I managed to snag an advance copy at ALA in Anaheim.

As with Green's other two books, I really loved this one. The sensitive lead boy, Quentin, is such a great narrator for this tale. And of course, we have the brightly burning, mysterious Margo who pulls Quentin into her orbit and won't let him go, plus the supporting characters who ring the two, bringing levity and alternate voices to the tale.

This novel is full of rich characterization, and though the tone is sometimes serious, has some truly laugh-out-loud lines that Nerdfighters will love. As I was reading, I kept thinking "I wish *my* friends and I were this witty and self-aware when *we* were 17!".

(We weren't. I'm sure of it.)

My favorite part of the novel was the final third - the roadtrip - which literally made me snort with laughter (the first BP stop is truly the stuff of legend), and also made me urge them on faster and faster, flying through pages to see if they would make it in time. You'll have to read to understand...

I really enjoyed Green's style, characters, prose and smarts in writing this novel for YAs which adults will absolutely enjoy. Plus, I learned some new things - a bit more about Whitman and the explanation of paper towns. Gotta love a little education along the way. :-)

Highly, highly, uber-recommended!

Note: This title will be released October 16, 2008.