In what is rapidly becoming tradition, I spent a holiday Sunday at Putnam Park Race Course, just west of Indianapolis.


To watch 60 or so riders take their motorcycles around the track all day.

Really, really fast.

That whole "blow down the straightaway at 150mph, touch your knee to the ground in the corners" kind of fast.

This is one of my favorite days every year. :-)

Luckily, this year no one broke themselves (yay!), the bro-in-law kicked some speeding motorcycle ass (yay!), and I got to spend all day borrowing their shiny new SLR camera, and going a wee bit snap happy (yayayay!).

(God, I'm jealous. I lurve this camera, and want one so bad...)

In any case, the weather was perfect, the company entertaining, the riding spectacular, the views good, and the pictures hopefully captured it all. Below are just a few of my fave snapped shots for the day - except that last one. Michelle took it, with instructions to "work it like Tyra!"

I giggled a lot during that little session.

Good times, good times. When's the next track day?

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

And of course, we had to have a little live action of Don hitting speed on the straightaway. It's surprisingly tough to keep the camera up with the zippy motorcycle. ;-)

(He's the second rider...)

And a random musing, while I'm at it...why is there no MotoGP fanfic? There is fanfic for everything in the known universe, but no MotoGP. Mayhaps I will have to be a trailblazer someday...

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