It's my sister's birthday today.

(She's the pretty one, I'm the smart one, but she'll ALWAYS been the older one.)

She's in Cancun, basking on a beach for a few days, which she so totally deserves after spending months "bringing the vision to life" for her multi-gazillion dollar company.

(I spent my week fighting for my capital project fund passage and learning our entire accounting and budgetary ins and outs in two days, which I will be solely responsible for for three months while my AA goes on leave. Sister got the better deal here.)

And yet, even though it's her birthday, I got MY prezzies from her today.

(My birthday is Monday.)

Aren't they perfectly pink and pretty?

I love hydrangeas...

Cool Vase


Pretty in Pink

I'm off to the homestead tomorrow to see Chemo!Girl (my mum started chemo this past weekend) and Shopping!Dad, and to ring in another birthday with the fam. Good times. :-)

But how 'bout one more pretty posy picture before I go...


Thanks, Sis!

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