Three Shirt Deal by Stephen J. Cannell

This is the latest novel from television guru Cannell, and the latest in the "Shane Scully" series. This time, LAPD Detective Scully is trying to exonerate a seemingly innocent inmate with the help of an attractive new partner, Secada Llevar.

As always, Scully breaks a few rules, breaks a few bones, and finds himself in dangerous positions in the pursuit of justice, while at the same time struggling to repair his marriage to Alexa, who only months earlier suffered a gunshot wound to the head, thus altering her personality in a few ways.

This is another fast-paced thrill ride with a likable protagonist, a great romp around LA, and a satisfying conclusion. I really dig on the Scully novels!

Note: I listened to the audio edition, narrated by Scott Brick. Brick IS Scully, and I always prefer to listen, rather than read, these novels. Brick's voice and characterization are unexcelled. He's the man!