This Is How It Happened by Jo Barrett

This was a great chick lit book, except that it didn't follow the formula - no high flying job, no searching for love, no soul searching. Instead, Maddy is out for revenge on her lying, evil ex-fiancee, and she isn't above hiring muscle to do it. ;-)

This is a fast, funny read - I loved how Barrett alternated chapters, one chapter in in the present as Maddy tries to exact revenge, and one chapter chronicling her relationship, and the implosion of it, with her ex Carlton, who is just a despicable character you love to hate. You can't help but cheer Maddy on as she experiments with arsenic brownies and hires a hit man to take care of her "little problem".

The tags on the cover of this book are "NOT a love story" and "She's gotten mad, now it's time to get even", which truly sets the tone for this revenge tale tinged with romance, laughs and great characters. I really, really enjoyed this one - be sure to check it out!