Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin

I don't know what it is about Giffin's books - they aren't stories of truly remarkable events, full of daredevil adventure, or provide nail biting excitement - and yet each and every one of her titles are among my first books to recommend to a reluctant reader. Giffin's true strength, I think, is creating an empathetic, appealing character, though flawed, with whom the reader immediately connects and cheers for.

This new title is no exception - Ellen is a happy newlywed, living in New York, buoyed by financial success as a couple, job satisfaction, and her best friend Margot. So why do things start to shift when she runs into an old ex-boyfriend, Leo?

Suddenly, the tide changes, and Ellen is questioning everything in her orbit - including her relationship with husband Andy. Ellen's flirtation with Leo is addictive, as you get the feeling you are on the tightrope with her...

This isn't a fast paced thriller, but rather a slow burn, full of suspense as you read to see where Ellen ends up, and if the ending is going to be a happy one. I also really enjoyed the best friend dynamic with Margot, and the family connections that fill the pages as well.

I'm not sure this was my favorite Giffin book, but it was such a satisfying read, and one I couldn't put down, finishing it in only a day and ending with a smile and a snap of the cover.

If you haven't read Giffin before, be sure to pick up her first novel, Something Borrowed. You won't regret it. :-)