And Sometimes Why by Rebecca Johnson

This is one of those titles you begin in the morning, vowing to read a few pages before moving on to other things, and yet, throughout the day, chores get neglected and you seem to make a permanent dent in your patio furniture as you read page after page, eager to see where the story is going.

I don't quite know how to summarize this well-written, at times funny story in the middle of a tragedy. Miranda and Helen are the daughters of Sophia and Darius, a typical middle American couple until the day one daughter meets a boy and the other meets with a terrible accident.

Johnson has woven an engrossing story about a tragic accident, filled with characters both integral and accidental, but all compelling. Though I had a feeling I knew how it would end, I was surprised by the turns it took to get there.

Johnson is a contributing editor for Vogue, and her writing strength truly shines with this character-driven novel. Highly recommended!