Immortal by Traci L. Slatton

This is the debut novel of Slatton, and what a work with which to come out of the gate!

This is a richly detailed book, following the unnaturally long life of Luca Bastardo, orphan on the streets turned forced prostitute, turned art appreciator and influencer of history through art, faith and alchemy. Most of the novel takes place in Renaissance Florence, so I was immediately drawn in to the setting as well as the detail describing the flourishing city.

Throughout his life, Luca orbits and influences the lives of Giotto, Petrarca, and even Leonardo da Vinci, the portion of the book I enjoyed the most. He is also hotly pursued by his former master, and then his children in a battle of good and evil. Throw in the Black Death, love and loss, luck, alchemy, and art and you have a fully realized, engaging novel with an intriguing title character.

Recommended for fans of historical fiction or the Renaissance!