Now that I got the music and book lists out of the way, I thought I should squeeze in one more list before the night was out...

It's cunningly titled:

Stuff That Happened in 2007

Catchy, no? ;-)

And without further ado...

  • I completed Project 365: 2007 (a photo a day for the entire year)

  • I went to Seattle for the first time (I got my first ever ear infection while I was there - yay!)

  • I watched the Colts win the Super Bowl

  • I asked Dr. Gray a "good question" during one of Mum's cancer check ups

  • Grandpa died :-(

  • Jen and I pretty much represented the entire female population in line for the first IMAX screening of 300

  • I was interviewed and on TV talking about (what else?) sex offenders

  • I hand quilted a baby quilt all by myself

  • I paid off my car 16 months early

  • I gutted the appearance of the adult services collection (I had help, of course!)

  • I emceed Battle of the Books for over a hundred attendees

  • I visited Chicago as a tourist, rather than going for work or to visit family!

  • I rode a bike (a lot!) for the first time in, oh, 18 years or so...

  • I dressed up like a pirate

  • I walked - all day, a lot of night - in Relay for Life, and raised over $1000 doing it

  • I went to Washington, DC

  • I did yoga. A lot.

  • I took my Dad to his first ever demolition derby (a proud Hoosier moment)

  • I became editor/committee chair of NMRT Footnotes, the publication of a national ALA roundtable

  • I chaired (again) the statewide Publications Committee

  • I played with a Wii

  • I became the director of the library

  • I.Stopped.Smoking.

  • I made a tee shirt quilt

  • I drank beer for breakfast at US Nationals

  • I went to Kunstfest

  • I went to my very first funeral(s) (two, unfortunately)

  • I went to the Biltmore

  • I dyed my hair red

  • I rode a motorcycle

  • I wrote a novel

  • I rented a cabin in Brown County

  • I hiked in the Garden of the Gods

  • I touched the Lombardi trophy

  • I cooked Thanksgiving dinner

  • I finished the samurai crosstitch

  • I got pre-approved for a home loan and found a realtor
Not bad for a year's work. ;-)