Per tradition, it's time for my annual wrap-up of all the books I read in 2007. Though I didn't beat my personal high from 2005 (162), I came pretty close. The stats...

Number of books read in 2007: 159
Number of books read in 2006 (for comparison): 152
Average of books read per month: 13.25
Average of books read per week: 3
Daily average: 1 book read every 2.3 days
Percent of fiction read: 86%
Percent of nonfiction read: 14%
Number of audiobooks "read": 18

And now, for the best books of the year (in my humble opinion, of course!), in author alphabetical order...

Asher, Jay. Thirteen Reasons Why.

Barr, Nevada. A Superior Death.

Brockmann, Suzanne. Out of Control.

de los Santos, Marisa. Love Walked In.

Gilbert, Elizabeth. Eat Pray Love.

Gregory, Philippa. The Boleyn Inheritance.

Kinsella, Sophie. Can You Keep a Secret?.

Lahiri, Jhumpa. The Namesake.

Meyer, Stephenie. Eclipse.

Picoult, Jodi. Nineteen Minutes.

Roberts, Nora. Morrigan's Cross Trilogy (Morrigan's Cross, Dance of the Gods, Valley of Silence)

Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Shreve, Anita. Body Surfing.

Winston, Lolly. Good Grief.

It goes without saying that anything written by a Brockmann, Cabot, or Evanovich is automatically on the list. :-)

To check back on the reviews of some of these past titles, or to see what reviews you might have missed, click on "book review index" over in the navigation to the right.

Can't wait to see how I do in 2008! Happy New Year!