The Negotiator by Dee Henderson

A huge number of my patrons at the library read nothing but Christian fiction, and are always asking for suggestions of authors to try. As I am NOT well versed in Christian fiction, I'm making a good faith effort (get it? good faith? *grin*) to read a few authors that seem to be exceptionally popular among my patrons.

This is the first book in Henderson's "O'Malleys" series, and features Kate, a police negotiator who is being targeted when a henious crime rocks Chicago's O'Hare airport. Also at the center of this tale is Dave, Kate's colleague and love interest.

This was a good suspense story with interesting characters, but the Christian parts were so stilted - "Kate, I want to talk to you about Jesus" flung in the middle of a conversation about terrorists, and the pat conversion of the skeptic at the end of the book just didn't ring true to me. Still, I can see the appeal to Christian readers looking for a good suspense story - plus, it's a series.

Not for me, but good for someone else...