The Effects of Light by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

I can't begin to explain this debut novel from a beautiful writer.

Luminous writing and amazing imagery weave through this novel, and though the characters at times frustrate me, or make me think they are "too much" I sped through this amazing novel. It evocates beautiful imagery, and questions our beliefs in art and art history. As a librarian, I'm often a defender of first amendment rights, and this novel raises some of the same questions we're constanted posed: about freedom of expression, of pornography versus art, and about what people consider acceptable.

I'll let the jacket explain the plot: "Throughout their childhood, Myla and Pru Wolfe pose for a haunting series of photographs, many involving nudity...the photographs fire each girl's psyche with a sense of artistic accomplishment. Until their world irrevocably shifts..."

Read this book.