As I have mentioned before, thanks to Keri Smith's great idea, I have created a list of "28 things to do in my 28th year". I've read other lists that have been posted by various gals on the internet, and though my list seems to pale in comparison, I still feel they are all attainable...or at least should be. When I created the list over a number of days, I just had it in a Word file, stored in the recesses of my computer.

That's not very inspiring.

Instead, I decided to make it a bit of art I would see every day, in the form of my desktop wallpaper.

I'm sharing my list with you, in the hopes it might inspire you to start a list of your own. And please, no laughing. ;-)

28 Things

The debut issue of Mosaic Minds is up and running today! Issue One is focused on "transformation" and has lots of great articles, features and reviews. Be sure to check out this fantastic and inspiring new e-zine, which also contains a small piece of fiction contributed by me, The Extraordinary Wallflower.

The new issue of All Things Girl has been posted, including my piece, "I Am An Angel Because I'm a Woman". Be sure to check out the whole issue - great stuff!

I received a copy of Keri Smith's Living Out Loud for Christmas from my sister.

Within this book packed with inspiration and fun, I found a story Keri related about creating a list of "30 things to do in my 30th year".

I found myself inspired to create a similiar list, but substituting 30 for 28.

Seemed logical, since I'll only be 28 this year.

I'm still adding to the list in these first few weeks of 2004, and I seem to cover the gamut of "things to do", listing everything from "walk on a beach" to "become a more active librarian in our professional organizations" to "host a dinner party" to "take more risks".

The most significant thus far has been "take more risks" in conjunction with "do something more with my writing".

Somehow, having those words on a list in front of me has jumpstarted my creativity. I've found myself writing varied essays and prose pieces, brainstorming ideas as I try to fall asleep, and even jotting down phrases as I'm working at the library.

And best yet...I've taken a new step.

I've been slowly, and with shaking fingers, submitting my work to various e-zines in the hopes that even one piece will be accepted, that even one piece will make me feel that I can write more than NASCAR fanfiction or library memos.

I've always believed in my heart that I can write, but I seem to need the consant reassurance that other folks think so too.

Today, that above resolution to do more has become a little more clear.

Today, I got my first acceptance to be published within an e-zine called "All Things Girl" in their upcoming issue.

Talk about a reassuring shot in the arm.

It's only one piece, one short piece of writing, one jumble of written words, but it means the world to me.

It means I might be able to do this, and be good at it. It might mean more people will read what I have to say. It might even mean that people will want to read more of it.

Today has been a good day.