This is an index to all the book reviews located on this blog, and I'll try to keep it as updated as I can. For book reviews read prior to this blog's inception, I point you to Belletristic, my other book review site which, sadly, is not indexed.

2005 - 162 titles read
2006 - 152 titles read
2007 - 158 titles read
2008- 159 titles read
2009 - 116 titles read

(Author, Title, Year Read)

Abbott, Hailey. Summer Boys. 2008.
Abrahamson, Eric and Freedman, David H. A Perfect Mess. 2007.
Ackerman, Diane. The Zookeeper's Wife. 2009.
Ackroyd, Peter. 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. 2009.
Adair, Cherry. Edge of Darkness. 2007.
Ahern, Cecelia. Rosie Dunne. 2006.
Albom, Mitch. Tuesdays With Morrie. 2006.
Albom, Mitch. For One More Day. 2007.
Allen, Sarah Addison. Garden Spells. 2008.
Allen, Sarah Addison. The Sugar Queen. 2008.
Alley, Kirstie. How To Lose Your Ass and Regain Your Life. 2005.
Almond, Steve. CandyFreak. 2005.
Almond, Steve and Baggott, Julianna. Which Brings Me To You. 2006.
American Girls. Meet Kit, Meet Samantha, Meet Felicity. 2008.
Anderson, Sherwood. Winesburg, Ohio. 2006.
Andrews, Mary Kay. Little Bitty Lies. 2005.
Andrews, Mary Kay. Blue Christmas. 2006.
Andrews, Mary Kay. Savannah Blues. 2007.
Andrews, Mary Kay. Deep Dish. 2008.
Angell, Jeannette . Callgirl. 2005.
Arvin, Reed. The Will. 2006.
Asai, Carrie. Samurai Girl: The Book of the Sword. 2005.
Asher, Jay. Thirteen Reasons Why. 2007.
Atkinson, Kate. Case Histories. 2005.
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Shattered Mirror. 2005.
Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. 2007.

Bagshawe, Tilly. Showdown. 2006.
Baldacci, David. The Christmas Train. 2006.
Baldacci, David. Hour Game. 2007.
Baldacci, David. Absolute Power. 2008.
Ballis, Stacey. Room for Improvement. 2006.
Balogh, Mary. Simply Unforgettable. 2009.
Banerjee, Anjali. Invisible Lives. 2007.
Bank, Melissa. The Wonder Spot. 2005.
Barbieri, Heather. The Lace Makers of Glenmara. 2009.
Barbieri, Maggie. Murder 101. 2007.
Barbieri, Maggie. Extracurricular Activities. 2008.
Barbieri, Maggie. Quick Study. 2009.
Barr, Nevada. Hard Truth. 2005.
Barr, Nevada. A Superior Death. 2007.
Barr, Nevada. Winter Study. 2008.
Barr, Nevada. Borderline. 2009.
Barrett, Jo. This Is How It Happened. 2008.
Barrett, Jo. Don't Let It Be True. 2009.
Barry, Dave. The Shepherd, The Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog. 2006.
Bauermeister, Erica. The School of Essential Ingredients. 2009.
Beah, Ishmael. A Long Way Gone. 2007.
Beaton, M.C. Death of a Bore. 2007.
Beckerman, Marty. Dumbocracy. 2008.
Berenson, Alex. The Silent Man. 2009.
Berentson, Jane. Miss Harper Can Do It. 2009.
Berg, Elizabeth. The Year of Pleasures. 2005.
Berg, Elizabeth. Home Safe. 2009.
Berlinski, Claire. Lion Eyes. 2007.
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda. The Effects of Light. 2005.
bin Laden, Carmen. Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia. 2005.
Bissinger, H.G. Friday Night Lights. 2007.
Blackstock, Terri. Cape Refuge. 2008.
Blackstock, Terri. Southern Storm. 2008.
Blackstock, Terri. River's Edge. 2009.
Blanchard, Bob and Melinda. Live What You Love. 2005.
Block, Francesca Lia. Weetzie Bat. 2005.
Blume, Judy. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. 2007.
Blundell, Judy. What I Saw and How I Lied. 2009.
Blyton, Enid. First Term at Malory Towers. 2008.
Blyton, Enid. Second Form at Malory Towers. 2008.
Blyton, Enid. Third Year at Malory Towers. 2008.
Blyton, Enid. Upper Fourth at Malory Towers. 2008.
Blyton, Enid. In the Fifth at Malory Towers. 2009.
Blyton, Enid. Last Term at Malory Towers. 2009.
Bohjalian, Chris. The Buffalo Soldier. 2005.
Bohjalian, Chris. Midwives. 2005.
Bourdain, Anthony. Nasty Bits. 2007.
Bourne, Joanna. The Spymaster's Lady. 2008.
Bowsher, Melodie. My Lost and Found Life. 2007.
Box, C. J. Blue Heaven. 2009.
Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451. 2007.
Brashares, Ann. The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. 2007.
Brashares, Ann. The Last Summer (Of You & Me). 2007.
Brashares, Ann. Girls in Pants. 2007.
Brashares, Ann. Forever in Blue. 2007.
Brashares, Ann. 3 Willows. 2009.
Bray, Libba. A Great and Terrible Beauty. 2005.
Bretton, Barbara. Just Like Heaven. 2007.
Bretton, Barbara. Casting Spells. 2009.
Brichoux, Karen. The Girl She Left Behind. 2009.
Britton, Pamela. In the Groove. 2006.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Flashpoint. 2006.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Hot Target. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Out of Control. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Into the Night. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Gone Too Far. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Force of Nature. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Forbidden. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. All Through the Night. 2007.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Into the Fire. 2008.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Dark of Night. 2009.
Brockmann, Suzanne. Hot Pursuit. 2009.
Broderick, Margaret E.J. Passion v. Arrogance: A Dana & Goliath Story of Wine, Women and Wrong! 2005.
Brodie, Laura. The Widow's Season. 2009.
Brooks, Geraldine. March. 2007.
Brown, Sandra. Not Even For Love. 2006.
Brown, Sandra. Long Time Coming. 2006.
Brundage, Elizabeth. Somebody Else's Daughter. 2009.
Bryson, Bill. Neither Here Nor There. 2005.
Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything. 2005.
Bryson, Bill. Shakespeare. 2008.
Buonaguro, Gina and Kirk, Janice. The Sidewalk Artist. 2007.
Burau, Caroline. Answering 911. 2006
Burke, Alafair. Dead Connection. 2007.
Burroughs, Augusten. Magical Thinking: True Stories. 2005.
Burroughs, Augusten. Possible Side Effects. 2006.
Burroughts, Augusten. Running with Scissors. 2007.
Bush, Nancy. Candy Apple Red. 2006.

Cabot, Meg. Every Boy's Got One. 2005.
Cabot, Meg. Shadowland. 2005.
Cabot, Meg. Princess in Training. 2005.
Cabot, Meg. Victoria and the Rogue. 2005.
Cabot, Meg. Darkest Hour. 2005.
Cabot, Meg. Holiday Princess. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Avalon High. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Size 12 Is Not Fat. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Queen of Babble. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Haunted. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Twilight. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Sweet Sixteen Princess. 2006.
Cabot, Meg. Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Pants on Fire. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Jinx. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Valentine Princess. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Princess on the Brink. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Queen of Babble in the Big City. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Big Boned. 2007.
Cabot, Meg. Princess Mia. 2008.
Cabot, Meg. Queen of Babble Gets Hitched. 2008.
Cabot, Meg. Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Moving Day. 2008.
Cabot, Meg. Airhead. 2008.
Cabot, Meg. Forever Princess. 2009.
Cabot, Meg. Ransom My Heart. 2009.
Cannell, Stephen J. Cold Hit. 2006.
Cannell, Stephen J. White Sister. 2007.
Cannell, Stephen J. Three Shirt Deal. 2008.
Cannell, Stephen J. At First Sight. 2009.
Cannell, Stephen J. On the Grind. 2009.
Carr, Kris. Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. 2007.
Carroll, Jenny. Ninth Key. 2005.
Carroll, Jenny. Reunion. 2005.
Casey, Susan. The Devil's Teeth. 2005.
Castillo, Linda. Sworn to Silence. 2009.
Chiaverini, Jennifer. The Quilter's Kitchen. 2008.
Chiaverini, Jennifer. The Quilter's Apprentice. 2009.
Chiaverini, Jennifer. Round Robin. 2009.
Chiaverini, Jennifer. The Cross Country Quilters. 2009.
Childress, Mark. One Mississippi. 2007.
Clare, Cassandra. City of Bones. 2009.
Clark, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark. He Sees You When You're Sleeping. 2006.
Clayton, Meg Waite. The Wednesday Sisters. 2009.
Coben, Harlan. The Innocent. 2006.
Coben, Harlan. Deal Breaker. 2006.
Coben, Harlan. The Woods. 2008.
Coben, Harlan. Hold Tight. 2009.
Codell, Esme Raji. Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year. 2005.
Cody, Diablo. Candy Girl. 2008.
Coehlo, Paulo. The Alchemist. 2006.
Connelly, Michael. The Lincoln Lawyer. 2006.
Conrad, Nancy. Rocketman. 2005.
Cooper, Anderson. Dispatches from the Edge. 2006.
Copeland, Lori. Stranded in Paradise. 2006.
Cosper, Darcy. Wedding Season: A Comedy of Manners, Matrimony, and Seventeen Marriages in Six Months. 2005.
Coupland, Douglas. jPod. 2006.
Cox, Ana Marie. Dog Days. 2006.
Cox, Lynne. Grayson. 2006.
Crais, Robert. The Watchman. 2007.
Crichton, Michael. Prey. 2005.
Crouch, Katie. Girls in Trucks. 2008.
Crowder, Yasmin. The Saffron Kitchen. 2007.
Crusie, Jennifer. Flirting with Pride and Prejudice. 2005.
Crusie, Jennifer. Anyone But You. 2006.
Crusie, Jennifer and Mayer, Bob. Don't Look Down. 2006.
Crusie, Jennifer. Crazy For You. 2006.
Crusie, Jennifer and Mayer, Bob. Agnes and the Hitman. 2007.
Crusie, Jennifer, et al. The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. 2008.
Crusie, Jennifer. Manhunting. 2008.
Cutler, Jessica. The Washingtonienne. 2005.

Danielewski, Mark Z. House of Leaves. 2006.
Dave, Laura. The Divorce Party. 2009.
Davis, Kyra. So Much For My Happy Ending. 2007.
Dawkins, Richard. The God Delusion. 2007.
Dean, Zoey. Girls On Film. 2005.
de la Cruz, Melissa. Blue Bloods. 2008.
de la Cruz, Melissa. Masquerade. 2009.
de los Santos, Marisa. Love Walked In. 2007.
de los Santos, Marisa. Belong to Me. 2008.
de Rosnay, Tatiana. Sarah's Key. 2009.
Denham, Holly. Holly's Inbox. 2008.
Dermansky, Marcy. Twins. 2005.
Dessen, Sarah. Just Listen. 2006.
Dessen, Sarah. Lock and Key. 2009.
Deveraux, Jude. Legend. 2008.
Deveraux, Jude. Holly. 2008.
Dickinson, Amy. The Mighty Queens of Freeville. 2009.
Didion, Joan. The Year of Magical Thinking. 2006.
Doerr, Anthony. Four Seasons in Rome. 2007.
Downham, Jenny. Before I Die. 2007.
Drake, Abby. Good Little Wives. 2008.

Ebershoff, David. The 19th Wife. 2009.
Edwards, Cassie. Savage Love. 2006.
Edwards, Johanna. The Next Big Thing. 2005.
Edwards, Kim. The Memory Keeper's Daughter. 2007.
Egan, Jennifer. The Keep. 2006.
Enger, Leif. Peace Like a River. 2006.
Erickson, Carolly. The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette. 2005.
Erickson, Carolly. The Last Wife of Henry VIII. 2007.
Erickson, Carolly. The Tsarina's Daughter. 2009.
Eugenides, Jeffrey. Middlesex. 2008.
Evanovich, Janet. Seven Up. 2005.
Evanovich, Janet. Hard Eight. 2005.
Evanovich, Janet. To the Nines. 2005.
Evanovich, Janet. Ten Big Ones. 2005.
Evanovich, Janet. Eleven on Top. 2005.
Evanovich, Janet. Twelve Sharp. 2006.
Evanovich, Janet. Back to the Bedroom. 2005.
Evanovich, Janet. How I Write. 2006.
Evanovich, Janet. Manhunt. 2007.
Evanovich, Janet. Plum Lovin'. 2007.
Evanovich, Janet. Smitten. 2007.
Evanovich, Janet. Lean Mean Thirteen. 2007.
Evanovich, Janet. Plum Lucky. 2008.
Evanovich, Janet. Fearless Fourteen. 2008.
Evanovich, Janet. Plum Spooky. 2009.
Evanovich, Janet. Finger Lickin' Fifteen. 2009.
Evans, Harriet. Going Home. 2008.
Evans, Nicholas. The Divide. 2006.
Evans, Polly. Fried Eggs With Chopsticks. 2006.
Evans, Polly. It's Not About the Tapas. 2007.
Evans, Richard Paul. The Christmas Box. 2005.
Evans, Richard Paul. The Sunflower. 2006.
Evans, Richard Paul. Grace. 2008.
Evans, Richard Paul. The Gift. 2008.

Favre, Deanna. Don't Bet Against Me. 2007.
Feather, Jane et al. Snowy Night With a Stranger. 2008.
Feisty, Lilli. Bound to Please. 2009.
Fforde, Katie. Second Thyme Around. 2008.
Fforde, Katie. Practically Perfect. 2008.
Filipacci, Amanda. Love Creeps. 2005.
Finder, Joseph. Killer Instinct. 2007.
Fisher, Carrie. Wishful Drinking. 2009.
Flock, Elizabeth. Me & Emma. 2005.
Flock, Elizabeth. Everything Must Go. 2007.
Flock, Elizabeth. Sleepwalking in Daylight. 2009.
Flowers, Rebecca. Nice to Come Home To. 2008.
Flynn-Hui, Kathleen. Beyond the Blonde. 2005.
Foster, Lori. Murphy's Law. 2006.
Fowler, Connie May. The Problem with Murmur Lee. 2005.
Frank, Dorothea Benton. Full of Grace. 2008.
Frank, Dorothea Benton. The Christmas Pearl. 2008.
French, Nicci. Catch Me When I Fall. 2007.
French, Tana. In The Woods. 2008.
French, Tana. The Likeness. 2009.

Gabaldon, Diana. Dragonfly in Amber. 2005.
Gaiman, Neil. American Gods. 2006.
Galant, Debra. Fear and Yoga in New Jersey. 2008.
Garten, Ina. Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food You Can Make at Home. 2005.
Genova, Lisa. Still Alice. 2009.
Gibson, Rachel. The Trouble With Valentine's Day. 2007.
Giffin, Emily. Something Borrowed. 2005.
Giffin, Emily. Something Blue. 2006.
Giffin, Emily. Baby Proof. 2007.
Giffin, Emily. Love the One You're With. 2008.
Gilbert, Elizabeth. Eat Pray Love. 2007.
Gilbert, Elizabeth. The Last American Man. 2007.
Giles, Gail. What Happened to Cass McBride? 2006.
Gladwell, Malcolm. The Tipping Point. 2006.
Godbersen, Anna. The Luxe. 2008.
Godbersen, Anna. Rumors. 2008.
Godbersen, Anna. Envy. 2009.
Goldberg, Myla. Bee Season. 2008.
Gore, Al. An Inconvenient Truth. 2006.
Gore, Al. The Assault on Reason. 2007.
Gore, Kristin. Sammy's House. 2007.
Gorman, Dave. Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure. 2007.
Goudge, Eileen. The Diary. 2009.
Grandcolas, Lauren Catuzza. You Can Do It! 2005.
Grant, Vicki. Dead End Job. 2006.
Green, John. Looking for Alaska. 2006.
Green, John. An Abundance of Katherines. 2006.
Green, John. Paper Towns. 2008.
Green, John and Johnson, Maureen and Myracle, Lauren. Let It Snow. 2008.
Green, John. Looking for Alaska. 2009.
Gregory, David. Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. 2005.
Gregory, Philippa. The Virgin's Lover. 2005.
Gregory, Philippa. The Constant Princess. 2006.
Gregory, Philippa. The Boleyn Inheritance. 2007.
Gregory, Philippa. The Other Queen. 2008.
Grisham, John. The Broker. 2007.
Grisham, John. The Innocent Man. 2007.
Grisham, John. Playing for Pizza. 2008.
Grogan, John. Marley and Me. 2006.
Gruen, Sara. Water for Elephants. 2007.
Grylls, Bear. The Kid Who Climbed Everest. 2007.
Gryphon, A. W. Blood Moon. 2008.
Guiliano, Mireille. French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure. 2005.
Gunn, Tim. A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style. 2009.

Haeger, Diane. The Secret Bride. 2009.
Hale, Shannon. Austenland. 2008.
Hall, Albyn Leah. The Rhythm of the Road. 2006.
Hall, Lincoln. Dead Lucky. 2009.
Hamilton, Laurell K. Micah. 2006.
Hamilton, Laurell K. Danse Macabre. 2006.
Hamilton, Laurell K. Strange Candy. 2007.
Hamilton, Laurell K. The Harlequin. 2007.
Hamilton, Laurell K. Blood Noir. 2008.
Hannah, Kristin. Magic Hour. 2008.
Harris, Charlaine. Dead Until Dark. 2009.
Harris, Charlaine. Living Dead in Dallas. 2009.
Harris, Charlaine. Club Dead. 2009.
Harris, Charlaine. Dead to the World. 2009.
Harris, Charlaine. Dead as a Doornail. 2009.
Harris, Charlaine. Definitely Dead. 2009.
Harris, Charlaine. All Together Dead. 2009.
Harris, Joanne. Gentleman and Players. 2008.
Harris, Joanne. The Girl With No Shadow. 2008.
Hart, Marjorie. Summer At Tiffany. 2009.
Havens, Candace. Charmed and Dangerous. 2005.
Heil, Nick. Dark Summit. 2008.
Helget, Nicole Lea. The Summer of Ordinary Ways. 2005.
Henderson, Dee. The Negotiator. 2007.
Henderson, Lauren. Kiss Me Kill Me. 2008.
Herman, Eleanor. Sex with the Queen. 2007.
Herman, Eleanor. Sex With Kings. 2009.
Herman, Michelle. Dog. 2005.
Heyer, Georgette. The Grand Sophy. 2005.
Heyer, Georgette. The Quiet Gentleman. 2007.
Hiaasen, Carl. Hoot. 2005.
Hiaasen, Carl. Skinny Dip. 2005.
Hicks, Robert. Widow of the South. 2006.
Hillstrand, Andy and Johnathan. Time Bandit. 2009.
Hoffman, Alice. The Ice Queen. 2005.
Hoffman, Alice. Skylight Confessions. 2007.
Hoffman, Alice. The Third Angel. 2008.
Hoffman, Alice. The Story Sisters. 2009.
Holling, Jen. My Wicked Highlander. 2007.
Honore, Carl. In Praise of Slowness. 2006.
Hornby, Nick. A Long Way Down. 2005.
Hornimen, Joanne. Secret Scribbled Notebooks. 2007.
Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. 2005.
Hosseini, Khaled. A Thousand Splendid Suns. 2007.
Howard, Linda. To Die For. 2005.
Hrdlitschka, Shelley. Sun Signs. 2005.
Hudler, Ad. Man of the House. 2008.
Huddleston-Edwards, Sandi. Richard's Key. 2007.
Humphrey, Elizabeth King. Know-It-All. 2008.
Hurka, Joseph. Fields of Light. 2009.
Hurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God. 2005.

Ingraham, Ruth Ann. Swimming With Frogs: Life in the Brown County Hills. 2005.
Isaacs, Susan. Any Place I Hang My Hat. 2006.
Isaacs, Susan. Past Perfect. 2008.

Jackson, Joshilyn. gods in Alabama. 2006.
Jackson, Joshilyn. The Girl Who Stopped Swimming. 2008.
Jackson, Joshilyn. Between, Georgia. 2008.
Jacobs, A. J. The Year of Living Biblically. 2008.
Jacobs, Holly. Pickup Lines. 2005.
Jacobs, Kate. The Friday Night Knitting Club. 2009.
Jaffe, Michele. Bad Kitty. 2006.
Jance, J. A. Edge of Evil. 2006.
Jance, J. A. Web of Evil. 2007.
Jessop, Carolyn. Escape. 2008.
Johanson, Iris. Fatal Tide. 2008.
Johnson, Maureen. Devilish. 2006.
Johnson, Maureen. The Bermudez Triangle. 2007.
Johnson, Maureen. 13 Little Blue Envelopes. 2008.
Johnson, Maureen. Suite Scarlett. 2008.
Johnson, Rebecca. And Sometimes Why. 2008.
Johnson, Steven. Everything Bad is Good for You. 2005.
Jones, Chris. Too Far From Home. 2009.
Jones, Patrick. Nailed. 2006.
Jordan, Robert. The Eye of the World. 2006.
Jordan, Robert. The Great Hunt. 2006.
Jordan, Robert. The Dragon Reborn. 2007.
Jordan, Robert. The Shadow Rising. 2008.
Jordan, Robert. The Fires of Heaven. 2008.

Kantor, Melissa. If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince? 2006.
Katz, Mark. Clinton and Me: A Real Life Political Comedy. 2005.
Kenner, Julie. Carpe Demon. 2005.
Kenner, Julie. California Demon. 2006.
Kenner, Julie. Demons Are Forever. 2007.
Kenner, Julie. Deja Demon. 2008.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Dark Side of the Moon. 2007.
Kidd, Sue Monk. The Mermaid Chair. 2006.
Kidd, Sue Monk. The Mermaid Chair. 2007.
Kilmer-Purcell, Josh. I Am Not Myself These Days. 2007.
Kilmer-Purcell. Josh. Candy Everybody Wants. 2009.
Kimmel, Haven. The Used World. 2007.
Kimmel, Haven. She Got Up Off the Couch. 2008.
Kingsolver, Barbara. The Bean Trees. 2006.
Kingsolver, Barbara. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. 2007.
Kinsella, Sophie. Can You Keep a Secret?. 2007.
Kinsella, Sophie. The Undomestic Goddess. 2007.
Kinsella, Sophie. Remember Me? 2008.
Kittle, Katrina. The Kindness of Strangers. 2007.
Klasky, Mindy. Girl's Guide to Witchcraft. 2007.
Klasky, Mindy. Sorcery and the Single Girl. 2007.
Klasky, Mindy. Magic and the Modern Girl. 2008.
Klause, Annette Curtis. Blood and Chocolate. 2007.
Kleypas, Lisa. A Wallflower Christmas. 2009.
Koryta, Michael. Tonight I Said Goodbye. 2005.
Koryta, Michael. Sorrow's Anthem. 2006.
Koryta, Michael. A Welcome Grave. 2008.
Koryta, Michael. Envy the Night. 2008.
Koontz, Dean. Life Expectancy. 2005.
Koslow, Sally. The Late, Lamented Molly Marx. 2009.
Kostova, Elizabeth. The Historian. 2005.
Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild. 2006.
Krakauer, Jon. Into Thin Air. 2006.
Krentz, Jayne Ann. White Lies. 2007.

Lahiri, Jhumpa. The Namesake. 2007.
Lahiri, Jhumpa. Unaccustomed Earth. 2009.
Lake, Matt. Weird England. 2008.
Larkin, Alison. The English American. 2008.
Larson, Kirby. Hattie Big Sky. 2007.
Latus, Janine. If I Am Missing or Dead. 2007.
Laurens, Stephanie. Captain Jack's Woman. 2008.
Laurens, Stephanie. The Lady Chosen. 2008.
Laurens, Stephanie. A Gentleman's Honor. 2009.
Laurens, Stephanie. A Woman of His Own. 2009.
Lee, Linda Francis. Devil in the Junior League. 2006.
Lee, Linda Francis. The Ex-Debutante. 2008.
Leigh, Lora. Wild Card. 2009.
Lende, Heather. If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name. 2006.
Lepore, James. A World I Never Made. 2009.
Lessing, Stephanie. Miss Understanding. 2006.
Letts, Billie. Made in the U.S.A. 2008.
Levine, Judith. Not Buying It. 2006.
Levitt, Steven D. Freakonomics. 2006.
Lewycka, Marina. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. 2006.
Lindsey, Johanna. Marriage Most Scandalous. 2008.
Linz, Cathie. Good Girls Do. 2007.
Lockhart, E. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. 2009.
Lockwood, Cara. Dixieland Sushi. 2006.
Lourey, Jess. May Day. 2006.
Lourey, Jess. June Bug. 2009.
Lynch, Sarah-Kate. House of Daughters. 2009.

MacAlister, Katie. Blow Me Down. 2006.
MacAlister, Katie. Corset Diaries. 2005.
MacAlister, Katie. You Slay Me. 2006.
MacAlister, Katie. Sex, Lies and Vampires. 2006.
MacAlister, Katie. Even Vampires Get the Blues. 2006.
MacAlister, Katie. Last of the Red-Hot Vampires. 2007.
MacAlister, Katie. Zen and the Art of Vampires. 2009.
MacAlister, Katie. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang. 2009.
MacIntyre, R.P. and Wendy. Apart. 2008.
Mackall, Dandi Daley. Love Rules. 2005.
Macomber, Debbie. A Good Yarn. 2005.
Macomber, Debbie. The Snow Bride. 2007.
Macomber, Debbie. Christmas Letters. 2007.
Madison, Bennett. Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls. 2005.
Malcolm, Jahnna M. Message in a Bottle. 2005.
Malladi, Amulya. Serving Crazy With Curry. 2005.
Malladi, Amulya. The Mango Season. 2006.
Martin, Lee. The Bright Forever. 2005.
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Memories of My Melancholy Whores. 2006.
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Love in the Time of Cholera. 2007.
Mathis, Nancy. Storm Warning. 2007.
Maxwell, Cathy. A Seduction at Christmas. 2008.
Maxwell, Robin. To The Tower Born. 2006.
Mazetti, Katarina. Benny and Shrimp. 2009.
McCracken, Kristin. 101 Things To Do Before You Turn 40. 2005.
McDaniel, Lurlene. Prey. 2008.
McLaren, Kaya. Church of the Dog. 2008.
McManus, James. Physical. 2006.
McMurtry, Larry. Lonesome Dove. 2006.
McClure, Wendy. I'm Not the New Me. 2005.
McNamee, Graham. Acceleration. 2006.
Mechling, Lauren and Moser, Laura. The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber. 2006.
Meltzer, Brad. First Counsel. 2006.
Mental Floss. Instant Knowledge. 2005.
Mercer, Jeremy. Time Was Soft There. 2006.
Merill, Wendy. Falling Into Manholes. 2008.
Merullo, Roland. A Little Love Story. 2005.
Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. 2006.
Meyer, Stephenie. New Moon. 2006.
Meyer, Stephenie. Eclipse. 2007.
Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. 2008.
Meyer, Stephenie. New Moon. 2008.
Meyer, Stephenie. The Host. 2008.
Meyer, Stephenie. Eclipse. 2008.
Meyers, Stephenie. Breaking Dawn. 2008.
Michaels, Fern. Weekend Warriors. 2005.
Michaels, Fern. Pretty Woman. 2006.
Michaels, Fern. No Place Like Home. 2007.
Michaels, Fern. Family Blessings. 2007.
Michaels, Jess. Parlor Games. 2006.
Michaels, Jillian. Master Your Metabolism. 2009.
Miller, Linda Lael. High Country Bride. 2006.
Miller, Linda Lael. Shotgun Bride. 2006.
Miller, Linda Lael. Secondhand Bride. 2006.
Miller, Linda Lael. Courting Susannah. 2008.
Miller, Sue. The Senator's Wife. 2008.
Mills, Alan. Lifting the Covers. 2005.
Mindich, David T.Z. Tuned Out: Why Americans Under 40 Don't Follow the News. 2005.
Moning, Karen Marie. Spell of the Highlander. 2007.
Moning, Karen Marie. The Immortal Highlander. 2007.
Montefiore, Santa. The French Gardener. 2009.
Moore, Peter. Caught in the Act. 2006.
Morgan, Kathleen. One Perfect Gift. 2008.
Moriarty, Jaclyn. Feeling Sorry for Celia. 2007.
Morrison, Toni. Paradise. 2006.
Murdock, Catherine. Dairy Queen. 2008.
Murdock, Catherine. The Off Season. 2008.
Murphy, Richard. Confessions of a Contractor. 2008.
Myracle, Lauren. Rhymes with Witches. 2005.

Nash, Jennie. The Last Beach Bungalow. 2009.
Noel, Alyson. Evermore. 2009.
Noel, Katherine. Halfway House. 2006.
Notaro, Laurie. We Thought You Would Be Prettier: True Tales of the Dorkiest Girl Alive. 2005.
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